2014 Possible Drafts Prospect For The Patriots

While the New England Patriots have been perennially AFC contenders for the last 11 seasons or so, they’ve haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 2004 season.  Tom Brady is still among

Will the Browns address their QB situation in the NFL Draft?

When the Cleveland Browns are on the clock in this year’s NFL Draft, the odds favor them drafting a quarterback with the 4th-overall pick. Having Brian Hoyer as a potential bridge if

Johnny Smoke-Screen?

Johnny Manziel hasn’t taken a single snap in the NFL yet and he’s arguably one of it’s biggest stars already.  Johnny Football is charismatic, exciting and born to be in the spotlight.  All of

Expectations for the Oklahoma State Cowboys

Picked by many publications to win the Big XII conference, Oklahoma State finished the 2013 football season 10-3. With losses to West Virginia, Oklahoma during the regular season and a subsequent loss

SEC: Potential breakout players

AS HAS BEEN established during this millennium, the Southeastern Conference never rebuilds its cachet of star power. It simply reloads. While the conference’s choke-hold on the national championship relented this past season,

What To Expect From Ryan Tannehill in 2014

The moment the Miami Dolphins selected quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the eight pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, he was instantly placed was expectations of making the team a playoff contender. While that hasn’t happened as

Is it a Make or Break year for the Giants?

The New York Giants seem to be at their semi-annual fork in the road.  A couple of disappointing seasons, in which they missed the playoffs and people are asking the question…yet again. 

Minnesota Vikings, Where Good’s Never Good Enough

The Minnesota Vikings are a team that people kind of push to the side without even knowing it.  Maybe it’s because they play in the same division as two of the NFL’s

NFL: Do or Die for Jake Locker?

At the age of 25, it now seems like it is do or die time for Jake Locker. The young QB out of Washington University was selected with the eigth pick in the

Alex Mack brings stabilty to Cleveland Browns offense

As the NFL offseason continues, the one big-name free agent left on the market was Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack. Free to sign an offer sheet with any team he wants, Mack finally found a team willing